Monday, 8 June 2015

Elikatira @ Collabor88!

My favourite hair at my favourite event, what more could I ask for!
First up is 'Lena', a cute short hair with a cute twist on the right hand side. Perfect for that summer look down at the beach

Available in all colours. Non Rigged
The second hair is longer length called 'Piper'. It has a loose plait in the back with slight waves in the hair giving it a real relaxed hair look, rather than the normal rigid 'just come out the hair dressers'

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Elikatira simply my fave... Elle

A stunning hair from Elikatira's new range.

As you can probably tell from most of my blog pics and Flickr that I don't usually wear hairs without a fringe. However this one just looks so awesome. It would suit a fancy ball gown, a date night or even if you want to go Glam casual. For me its just beautiful.
So Hi5 Elikatira for swaying me from the norm

OH mAH GAhhH more new hair

Elikatira is on a roll this month with some more awesome new hairs and I love every single one!

First let me show you 'Karee', Its got so much detail on each and every angle to show in the one pic so I have put together a multi view so you can see it better. It has the side fringe, the plait , the swoop at the back. It really is such a nicely made hair.

Next is 'Neveah' its got cute long bunches with a face fitting fringe.
As with all Elikatira hairs it comes in a variety of colours for you to choose from.


Monday, 11 May 2015

Look into the distance..

I have been pretty busy these last few months in RL and SL. In RL I have been busy looking to my future and sorting out what long term plans I have in mind. So this being said I started a new job and started a diploma in beauty massage which is something I have been interested in doing for a while but just never got the chance.

While in SL, I have been busy creating poses for my shop [DotDotDot] , taking part in many events. They all seem to start at the same time though so it just gets crazy trying to organise what I'm doing and of course some days that creativity just does not come so you end up playing Cheesi all night long or watching Frozen for the 50th time. 

Anyway the reason for blogging today is for the awesome new Elikatira hairs that have been released this month, which I will be blogging over the next few days.

Today I am showing you two of my favourites. Chantal (rigged) worn by myself and Darcy (non rigged) worn by my daughter Kaci (who was over the moon at having a non rigged hair so she can shrink it to fit her TD avatar.)

I love Elikatira. I prefer her colour blondes and the fringes always look great on my av.
Chantal: Has a soft front fringe, which is clasped at the back by 3 little hair grips
Darcy: Side fringe with a cute pony tail and you can even change the colour of the band
I will post the other new hairs very soon!

Jumper: Tres Blah available now at collabor88
Trousers: Celoe (Store now closed)

Look into the distance, tell me what you see?
Can you see the future, Are you there with me?
On another note, this song is just so awesome and has such a giggle when trying to sing along to it with my lil girl. So .. just for you Kaci :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Arcade March 2015. My choice!

 The arcade has opened its doors yet again for another great round. There was soo much to choose from that my challenge of one item was so hard. As I said in my last post and for those of you that didn't read it ill give a quick recap.
 My challenge was to pick one creators gacha and blog the one item. Those of you that go to the arcade know that this is one touch challenge and sure enough I did fail, playing a couple of machines rather than just one but not anywhere near as much as I usually do. This is due to me still not having any RL work and money is very tight. Thankfully I have SL.
My best mate who I share land with to have my home for me and my family is sorting my half of the tier out so I can stay. :) so a big Hi5 to Libby and thank you!

Anyway back to my choice of arcade item.. Well, its an item I wasn't expecting to be my choice. I have a lot of fave creators and the items I usually get from the arcade are usually house items or collections of stuff. I actually got this item first time so was ecstatic !

Amitomo - Bon Voyage This jacket by Amitomo, comes with a Hud so you can take off or keep on the Fur collar and is available in 5 different colours.
I think the range of colours are great and i just think the detail is great. Something different to put in my wardrobe and you cant go wrong with another jacket to my collection.
AMITOMO.Bon Voyage Gacha 3.Field jacket#3

Enjoy the arcade everyone... what will your choice be?

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

What to do..what to do?

What to do? I have no idea what to do, Thats the question.
What do I want to do for a RL job? If I move to be with my partner do I get a job here ..or there .. or find one field based so it doesn't matter too much where I am. Do I want a cup of tea or shall I wait a bit longer? Shall I go have a bath just to waste a bit more time or wait for another hour to go by and then have one?
These are the questions going around my head every day plus about a trillion more. I'm in a real pickle with just what to do and which path to take. Its like I cant make any decisions for some reason of my own at the moment and im just simply... Lost.
Even in SL, now I have my new computer my old trusty Photoshop doesn't work with windows 8 so for now i am having to use Gimp, which I just cant get used to. I cant do epic photos or textures for creations even if I wanted to which is so frustrating.
I then had the great idea of turning this time to master my skills in Blender. I say skills but I am talking basic skills which I then lose patience because what is in my head is not coming out as a 3D model. AHhh  So that's frustrating. Im sure that's happened to a lot of people.
Then when I do finally think actually that doesn't look too bad and want to upload I don't have any lindens to upload it anyway.
So my SL is now limited to what I can do and am often playing Greedy and spending time with the family. Thank goodness kindness and family doesn't cost anything else I would be just stood there watching the pixel clouds float by.
What can I do.. well my blog! no one else can do it for me , I don't need any fancy programmes or patience as thankfully my brain is still functioning enough to blow your minds away with my ramblings and rants of RL and SL.
My blog is meant to be on Tillys choice at events and so forth but as fundage is limited and I don't have sponsors to blog for so im pre warning you that I have no idea what will bestow my blog for the next few months.

 HOWEVER The Arcade is almost upon us and this means I wont be able to resist my shopping urges so I will be going to the event and picking one... just ONE! creators item from the event to buy and blog. Its going to be a huge challenge as I usually end up spending a good 2-3k on collections.

So who will it be.. what will it be.. that's now the question!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

im back to blog!

Well helloooooo, how you doinnnnn? I am doing good thanks for asking :) well I am definitely ok now that I have a computer again. You may of wondered where I had gone well for the following reason. My desktop had decided to die on me and I had to wait before I could get another. Which meant trying to move around on SL using my old laptop.. which just didn't happen. No movement, no shopping, no pictures, could just about chat with the chat lag eating every ones words.
 So in a big rage I stopped blogging.

So here I am on my nice new desktop computer with windows 8, which I am still getting used to. But no photoshop. :( as my old one, and I mean old... as in the first ever photoshop elements that came out.! however im hoping a nice new photoshop should be with me by the weekend so YAY back to picture editing I go.
I cannot tell you how nice it is to move freely around in sl again and be back to normal.
Anyway expect my blog to be back up and running again after the weekend .